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Social responsibility

– Environment protection:
In all our activities we try to take a constant care of our environment. We believe that each small thing counts: making our employees aware of the importance of environment protection is a start for spreading positive habits. As they share their beliefs with their families and friends, the circle becomes larger and larger encompassing more and more people.

– We act by doing small steps:

  • recycling (we make sure that we do not unnecessarily print mails and documents; we give old papers and newspapers to those who collect and then sell old paper for recycling)
  • recycling of old office equipment
  • printamo obostrano tako da je papir maksimalno iskorišten
  • turning off lights when we do not need them

– We help local community:
Through the past years we have supported various organizations and projects helping those in need. We take part in many projects that are important for the development of the local community and society in general.